Diana Lestari, Diana Elizabeth Waturangi, Stephanie Stephanie, Faustina Audrey Agatha


During the pandemic of Covid-19 a lot of employees have had to work in front of screens at home (work from home) and in other settings. They are affected by illness, loss, and economic hardship stemming from the global pandemic. Stigma in relation with social relation in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease related with coronavirus infection. During the pandemic of Covid-19 a lot of people are labeled, discriminated against, and treated separately because of a perceived link with a disease. Some information can be misleading for public, since they do not get the right information from the right sources. Therefore, based on this situation, sharing to public related with Covid-19 spreading, vaccine mechanism, adequate nutrition to increase immune system is very important. On the other hand, office affairs have to prepare with the new condition as well, for the purpose of work efficiency as well as safety for the whole staffs. In this seminar we share to the whole staffs and leaders of PT Photon Indonesia about spreading of coronavirus, safety and regulation in the office to minimize contact and infection, how important of vaccine as well as the mechanism of vaccine and booster function. We also share how important and effect of diet and nutrition to increase and maintain our body immune system to fight against coronavirus and other infectious diseases.


Pengabdian, Masyarakat


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